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Daïmo Art

Verdant Copper Dreams 16x12

Verdant Copper Dreams 16x12

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16X12/ Acrylic on concrete/ wood panel/Epoxy finish 

"Verdant Copper Dreams" is a canvas of wonder, measuring 16x12 inches, that captures the delicate interplay of nature and metal. Its surface is a dance of coppery tones and verdant hues, reminiscent of an ancient forest floor kissed by the dawn's first light. The metallic accents glisten like morning dew, creating a dynamic contrast with the cool greens and earthy textures. This artwork is encased in a complementary frame, ready to bring a breath of organic elegance and a whisper of mystical intrigue to your space.

*Currently not framed. Allow 2-3 weeks delay for framing option   

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