DAÏMO fuses inspiration from greats such as Riopelle, Besner, Corno, Pollock and Basquiat in an artistic cocktail that bursts with passion. His urban illustrations evoke raw emotion while still being reflective and analytical - it's almost like he can see through the eyes of others! DAÏMO paints for them to give insight into their unique perspectives.

David Moore, also known as Daïmo, is a self-taught artist born in New Brunswick and raised in Quebec. Some of his relatives were painters and it was their influence that first got him started. He began painting in 2008 and his work has since enchanted friends and visitors alike.

Daïmo has always continued to create, even though he primarily works as a digital transformation management consultant. The launch of this new Shopify site marks an increase in production of inventory, while also allowing for a significant number of commission requests to be fulfilled.


The first artwork was created in 2008, after purchasing his first house.


 The first exhibition in Montreal took place in 2011


Around 2012, there was a transition in the artist's work from using thick acrylic strokes and epoxy to layering concrete on wood



While continuing and evolving the current style, Daïmo innovation projects are focused on the intersection of physical and digital creation, specifically through the use of generative art. This involves using algorithms, computer software, mechanical device to create unique, original artworks that are not entirely pre-determined by the artist. It allows for the exploration of new creative possibilities and the creation of dynamic, ever-evolving pieces.  Stay tune for more information

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